Wen Cheng food

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Pig trotters

Introduction: The trotters are nutritious and delicious. It is not only a common dish but also a nourishing product. With calcium, beauty, beauty, through tendons, fill weak, fill kidney essence, health waist and knee and other functions.


South Stream Creek Shrimp

Introduction: freshwater prawn is warm, sweet, lukewarm, and enters the liver and kidney; shrimp has kidney and impotence; it has anti-drug, nourishing and solid, phlegm, detoxification, Qi and yang, Tongluo analgesia, and appetizers, etc...


June bamboo shoots

Introduction: Chinese medicine believes bamboo shoots are sweet, slightly cold and non-toxic. In medicine, it has the effects of clearing heat, removing phlegm, replenishing qi and stomach, treating diabetes, improving waterways, and refreshing the stomach...


Good medicine rabbit

Introduction: Rabbit meat is cool and sweet, and it enjoys a good reputation in the international market. It is called "Healthy Meat", "Flourishing Element", "Beauty Meat", "Boiled Meat" and so on. The rabbit meat is delicate, delicious, nutritious and...


Chinese fish

Introduction: Top grade freshwater fish. It is delicious, sexual, meat thin, scales soft, scales edible, no muddy smell. Especially fish liver, delicious fat, can be called a must. The taste is very different from ordinary squid. Rich in crude protein, trace elements...


Takayama taro

Introduction: Shantou is flat, sweet and sinful. Can benefit the spleen and stomach, adjust the gas, phlegm. Can cure eating fatigue, scars, tuberculosis, long-term blood stasis, scorpion and other diseases. Among the minerals contained in steamed buns...


Pu Guagan

Description: Pu Gua, the fruit of Cucurbitaceae, is a fruit that is flat, smooth and sweet. It has the functions of pure heart-heating, moistening heart-lung, removing polydipsia, benefiting the small intestine, reducing water swelling, and leaching and spreading...


 Sanyuan and the first (scattered pink dumplings)

Introduction: The dumplings of the pan are smooth and full of strong mountain flavors. The taste of dumplings is no longer monotonous, and it is more fresh and delicious.


Alpine snail

Introduction: Sweet, salty and cool. Heat and water, dehumidification and detoxification. For heat knot urination, jaundice, athlete's foot, edema, diabetes, acne, hematochezia, red eyes and swelling, swollen boils, diuretic Tonglin, eyesight, yellowing...


 Liufu tofu

Introduction: The taste is sweet, salty, cold, non-toxic, indicating wide in the Qi, reconcile the spleen and stomach, eliminate fullness, pass through the large intestine, clear up the blood. Tofu serves as a replenishing and refreshing health food, and regular food can be ...


Two sleeves breeze (Breeze)

Introduction: Daqingye, "Tang Materia Medica", "Do not record": "bitter, big cold, non-toxic."; "Theory of Medicine": "Favorable."; "Outline": "Cold cold, slightly bitter taste Salty." Heat, detoxification, cooling blood, stop bleeding. Governance ...


 Red rice

Introduction: Taste: Sweet, warm. It has various physiological functions such as scavenging free radicals, delaying senility, improving iron deficiency anemia, anti-stress response, and immune regulation. Red rice is rich in trace elements such as zinc...