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Shancheng Shuicheng Natural Wencheng


Heng Ha Shanzhen Food Co., Ltd. Otsuka Business Department

Phone: 0577-67818111

Address: Wancheng County Dagu Town Stadium Road Gymnasium 100m

Introduction: The company is an agricultural industrialized agriculture leading enterprise that integrates R&D, processing and sales of agricultural and sideline products...


Wencheng Xiankou Tea Cooperative Sales Department

Phone: 13706617598

Address: No. 166, Bowen Road, Dagu Town

Introduction: "Baizhangji" brand Wencheng Gongcha franchise store. Million acres of tea gardens, self-produced and sold. "Liuji's hometown, hometown of tribute tea", Wencheng has a long history of tea production.


Zhejiang Renben Supermarket Co., Ltd. Zhongou Shop

Phone:  0577-67837260

Address: No. 189 Xianqian Street, Dayi Township, Wencheng County

Introduction: Renben Supermarket was established on June 28, 1997 with a registered capital of 11.2 billion yuan. There are nearly 10,000 employees, more than 1,000 chain stores, three chain brands...


Zhejiang Shuangfeng Food Co., Ltd.

Phone: 0577-67895889

Address: Chengdong North Road 11

Introduction: The company cooperates with Zhejiang University and the Provincial Institute of Food Industry and Light Industry, relying on its technical superiority, forge ahead and produce green food...


Shuanglong Food Co., Ltd

Phone: 13868689069

Address:No.50 Yulong Road, Dayi Township, Wencheng County

Introduction: The center mainly manages Wencheng County agricultural and sideline products with an area of 90 square meters. The main operating specialty products are: Wencheng handmade sweet potato vermicelli...


China • Zhejiang Wenzhou Ice Ocean Industry Co., Ltd.

Phone: 0577-67834526

Address: No.82, Qiyun Road, Wencheng County, Zhejiang Province

Introduction: Wenzhou Ice Ocean Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 and is a private enterprise in Wencheng County, southern Zhejiang. The founder, Wang Bizheng, based on the rich bamboo resources in the mountainous region...


Wencheng County Yijiayi Shopping Mall

Phone: 0577-67830225

Address:130 Daxie Street, Dayi Township, Wencheng County

Introduction: stores, all kinds of food, supplies, gold jewelry, local specialties. Local large-scale Unicom supermarkets, thirteen-year-old stores, good reputation, Wenzhou City, the fifth and sixth consumer credit companies.


Zhejiang Shange Brother Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Phone: 0577-67896888

Address: No. 72, Bowen Road, Daxie Town, Wencheng County

Introduction: The main products include Shanshan Brothers Camellia Oil, Wencheng Fans, Honey, and Nantian Brand Rice. Among them, "Wencheng Fan" won the famous trademark of Zhejiang Province. "Mountain Brother" Shanchayou is a well-known trademark of Wenzhou City.