Wen Cheng specialty

Shancheng Shuicheng Natural Wencheng


Ice mat

"Ice Ocean" brand streamlined ultra-light health mat, with "circular arc shape, no trace after sleep; novel design, sleep without card hair; unique hollow, lightweight cooling heat; magnet health care, comfortable body God blood pressure ; Durable, gold-plated anti-counterfeit trademark "and so on.


Hip Hop Food - Dried Flowers

Introduction: "Baizhangji" brand Wencheng Gongcha franchise store. Million acres of tea gardens, self-produced and sold. "Liuji's hometown, hometown of tribute tea", Wencheng has a long history of tea production.


Hip Hop Food - Pu Gua Gan

Introduction: Renben Supermarket was established on June 28, 1997 with a registered capital of 11.2 billion yuan. There are nearly 10,000 employees, more than 1,000 chain stores, three chain brands...


Hip Hop Food - Acorn Pie

Introduction: The company cooperates with Zhejiang University and the Provincial Institute of Food Industry and Light Industry, relying on its technical superiority, forge ahead and produce green food...


Hip Hop Food - Wen Cheng Su Noodles

Introduction: The center mainly manages Wencheng County agricultural and sideline products with an area of 90 square meters. The main operating specialty products are: Wencheng handmade sweet potato vermicelli...


Hip Hop Food - Manrisha Flower

Introduction: Wenzhou Ice Ocean Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 and is a private enterprise in Wencheng County, southern Zhejiang. The founder, Wang Bizheng, based on the rich bamboo resources in the mountainous region...


Mountain brother tea oil, sweet potato fan

Introduction: stores, all kinds of food, supplies, gold jewelry, local specialties. Local large-scale Unicom supermarkets, thirteen-year-old stores, good reputation, Wenzhou City, the fifth and sixth consumer credit companies.


Zhejiang Shange Brother Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Introduction: The main products include Shanshan Brothers Camellia Oil, Wencheng Fans, Honey, and Nantian Brand Rice. Among them, "Wencheng Fan" won the famous trademark of Zhejiang Province. "Mountain Brother" Shanchayou is a well-known trademark of Wenzhou City.